Animal Care Hospital of Matthews                  

Dental Care

Most dogs and cats over the age of three have some degree of periodontal disease.  The bacteria in the mouth gets into the bloodstream and travels through the body, infecting the liver, heart valves, kidneys, etc. To help prevent this, we recommend you brush your pet's teeth daily.  We understand it can be difficult to fit daily dental care into your busy schedule. Therefore, we offer a full line of dental treats and rinses to help maintain oral health when daily brushing is not possible.  Our staff would be happy to recommend effective dental care products.  



Dental Cleanings

We provide routine dental cleanings, which consist of:Dental3

--scaling the tarter above and below the gum line,

--measuring of gingival pockets, 

--examination for any fractures or abnormalities of the teeth,

--polishing of the teeth, and

--sealing the teeth.

If we find any teeth that need to be removed we have a high speed drill to help with extractions.  Help ensure your pet's good health by having a dental cleaning performed before irreversible problems develop.



Hours of Operation

Animal Care Hospital of Matthews

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